October 12, 2017
Fascinating facts about seals

Fascinating facts about seals

Some call them the 'dogs of the ocean' but if you've ever seen one up close, you would know that 'puppy' is much more appropriate. Big eyed and gentle-natured, seals are often spotted playing and splashing around in Cape Town. But how much do you know about them? Keep reading to learn some really interesting facts.

Cape Fur seals are endemic to Southern Africa

Find them all along the South African and Namibian coastlines, living in large colonies in secluded locations. Estimates put the number of Cape Fur seals in this region at about 2 million.

Size does not matter

A male adult can weigh up to 350kg. Females are a bit more delicate, with the average weight at about 80kg, although some as large as 150kg have been spotted. And yet they move through water with incredible elegance and agility, and even display more flexibility than dolphins

Does this make me look fat?

Blubber, blubber, blubber!  Baby talk? Not quite. “Blubber’ is not just a funny word to say, but also what the thick layer of fat under a seal's skin is called. Gotta stay warm in that icy water!


Did you know that seals are also called pinnipeds? The word originates in Latin – ‘pinna’ means fin and ‘pedis’ means ‘foot’. Now that makes sense now – so next time you spot one in Kalk Bay, put on your poshest British accent, fix your monocle and say “Look at those graceful pinnipeds swimming in the bay!”

If you’d like to get really up-close and personal with these magnificent creatures, why not go snorkeling with them? Book your adventure now!