September 21, 2017
5 things to know about Cape Point!

5 things to know about Cape Point!

Are you visiting Cape Town this spring? Here are 5 things to know about Cape Point!

  1. Spring time brings with it all the blooms – the flower season runs from August through to October and it is spectacular! Spend a whole day exploring Cape Point and marvel at the amazing scenery that Mother Nature creates for us. Host to more than 1000 indigenous species, the reserve is one of the best spots for spring flowers.
  2. The peninsula is brimming with bird life! From tiny sunbirds to sizeable ostriches, you can spot them all. You might be lucky enough to spot a Verreaux’s eagle, so keep your camera and binoculars handy at all times!
  3. Let the wind blow through your hair - you might encounter some gusts of wind during this time of year, but that only adds to the natural raw beauty of this magical place. The original name of the Cape was Cabo das Tormentas – “Cape of Storms”, given to it by explorer Bartolomeu Dias in the 15th century and it lived up to its name – many a ships wrecks are still to be found around the peninsula. It was changed to Cape of Good Hope to please the Portuguese king and to honor the newly opened route to the Far East.
  4. Speaking of shipwrecks, The Lusitania sinking due to the lighthouse being hidden by a shroud of clouds and mist was the reason for decommissioning the original lighthouse at Cape Point. A second lighthouse was then built further down the point, but the Old Lighthouse is accessible on foot or by taking the funicular.
  5. The views are epic! The Reserve offers dramatic views of the Atlantic Ocean and the mountains along the coast. Spend the day just admiring and enjoying everything this mostly undisturbed space has to offer, as we take you on a trip of a lifetime.

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